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What our readers have been writing about this week.

Sir, – Last week the Cumbernauld Male Voice Choir gave a concert in the church in Greenfaulds. About halfway through, the compere invited three young children to come out and sing a wee song, for which they were applauded by the audience and the choir.

It was a nice touch by this great choir, and greatly appreciated. – Yours etc.,



People’s clock?

Sir, – If Councillor Gerry McElroy was intent on blowing a raspberry at the people of Cumbernauld before he departed from the council, then his letter in the News and Chronicle on January 25 was it.

Just to enlighten those who missed the illustrious one’s letter, he categorically stated the St Enoch Clock which was given to the people of Cumbernauld is now in fact owned by London and Regional, despite this organisation never having had the right to take possession.

Councillor McElroy is right, however, when he states that NLC does not own the clock. Neither did the CDC, but after it was gifted to the people of Cumbernauld, it took the responsibility for maintaining the clock and keeping it in a functional state since before 1977 when it was unveiled by HM The Queen as part of the Silver Jubilee and the New Town’s 21st birthday. That responsibility was transferred to NLC in a de facto arrangement along with every other CDC responsibility. Why does Councillor McElroy not understand this?

Clearly, if London and Regional were to take the same view, then under Scottish Law it will be guilty of reset and I would suggest Campsies Centre Cumbernauld Ltd would be facing charges of complicity and fraud. – Yours etc.,


Flats should be refurbished

Sir, – In answer to the article “Ways’ paved for flats demolition” (Cumbernauld News, January 18, 2012) I am one of a not insignificant number of high rise owners who value high rise living and contend the flats could be refurbished to a high standard at an affordable cost. However my main quibble is with Sanctuary’s – and by extension the Scottish Government’s and NLC’s – authoritarian and underhand methods of achieving this demolition outcome.

In many cases, this ‘willingness’ to move is in the sense of not putting up a struggle since Compulsory Purchase Orders hover in the background to force any owners who do not comply.

Sanctuary’s Peter Martin is delighted that the Government cash allows him to remove a key obstacle – owners who want to move but are unable to find a buyer. But the opportunity to sell up was completely removed only by the announcement of the proposed demolition in the Cumbernauld News, March 4, 2009. So, fanfares for Sanctuary et al when they restore something they took away.

Peter Martin talks of continuing to work in partnership with residents. There has never been a ‘partnership’ with the owners despite their majority stake-owner status. They have been systematically excluded from around the table with the agencies seeking and examining solutions to high rise problems. Peter Martin cannot distinguish the terms consultation and participation, or he pretends not to be able to.

It seems rather callous to welcome a cash boost for Cumbernauld whatever the consequences for over 500 owners and tenants. Scottish Government Housing Minister Keith Brown is “determined to increase Scotland’s stock of good quality affordable housing”. Does he realise that these homes he proposes in Cumbernauld are not affordable to those he is ousting to build them? – Yours etc.,


Morison House

Thanks for all the good work

Sir, – As one of Derek Condon’s R.F.O.A. members, may I take this opportunity to thank him, and his committee, for all the good work they have put in over the years, in an effort to secure a better future for the owners/tenants of the multi-storey flats.

As I’m sure he knows by now it’s very difficult to ‘fight city hall’, but that shouldn’t detract from his efforts, and in no respect should he feel he has failed, rather the opposite by raising the profile of the argument, despite the eventual outcome not being the one he desired. – Yours etc.,


via e-mail

Always on hand when we need them

Sir, – We see so many things about crime and people being mugged etc. I know these things should not happen and the police are supposed to do their duty and find the guilty people.

However, I would like to draw attention to another part of the community – the nursing staff in the Health Service. I was amazed to learn that they had to work during the bad weather and holidays. I have nurses who come to me regularly and never complain.

It’s good that some people put their duty first and do what they have to do. I would like to draw attention to those people. We take so much for granted, we never think of who the people are that make these sacrifices of their time, which is very important.

We don’t always know when we are going to be ill, but it is usually during unpopular hours, but the doctors don’t complain, or the nurses for that matter. So I say we should give them all appreciation and respect - to the people who do their duty whether it’s bad weather or not and are always on hand when we need them. I would like to thank the nurses and doctors from the Central Health Centre in Carbrain for all their help. – Yours etc.,


Stoneylee Road


Make your views known

Sir, – I am writing to you on behalf of Cumbernauld Save Our Practice Treatment Rooms Action Committee. This Committee comprises representatives across political parties, community activists, local residents and service users. The Committee was formed following a Public Meeting where there was overwhelming opposition expressed regarding NHS Lanarkshire’s proposals to drastically cut local health services provided through practice treatment rooms.

These proposed cuts follow attacks already targeted against health provision on Cumbernauld by NHS Lanarkshire.

The Action Committee along with others have let our opposition known and this resulted in NHS Lanarkshire reversing their decision to close Kildrum Practice Treatment Rooms.

While this was some success, considerable concern remains regarding NHS Lanarkshire’s proposals to down grade currently local, and easily accessible health services across the new town.

NHS Lanarkshire have refused to meet with representatives of the Action Committee including elected members on two occasions, continuing to ignore the views of service users and affected communities, choosing to forge ahead with their plans to cut services.

This is not acceptable! As part of our campaign of action, the Committee has decided to organise a lobby of the next NHS Lanarkshire Board meeting to demand that our concerns are heard.

I am writing to invite you to also participate in this lobby and have your views heard.

The Lobby will be held at NHS Lanarkshire HQ, Kirklands, Fallside Road, Bothwell on Wednesday, February 22, assemble at 9am. For further information please contact – Yours etc.,


Action Committee Secretary

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