Rebekah wants to tell you a story

Rebekah with her book.
Rebekah with her book.

WHEN you work for the News and Chronicle the good news is that meeting authors can be part of the deal.

For example, our photographer Michael Gillen met The Gruffalo’s creator Julia Donaldson one day – and another young scribe from Kilsyth would be next!

For Rebekah Machray from South Dumbreck Road has penned her very own book even though she’s just seven years old.

Rebekah is no stranger to these pages as we have already written several articles about her struggle with Type 1 Diabetes.

We told how she became one of the youngest users of a groundbreaking new pager-style pump which delivers a steady supply of insulin while attacted to a belt round her midriff.

And last week we revealed that a dinner and auction organised by Rebakah’s family raised £7000 for Yorkhill Childrens Hospital where Rebakah receives treatment.

Now Yorkhill is set to benefit further after Rebekah put pen to paper and produced her own account of how it feels to have diabetes. She has even illustrated the book herself!

Called Rebakah’s Story, the book has now gone on sale and every penny will go to Yorkhill.

The story gets underway with the the words: “I am a girl, my name is Rebekah Machray, I have diabetes. I got diabetes when I was five years old. I am now seven and I know a lot about it.”

Rebekah generously gave us our own copy of the book – and even signed it for us too!

When asked what her reaction was to seeing the book in print, Rebekah said: ‘‘I was delighted. I felt like I had achieved something. I was really happy.’’

Although a popular book called I Wish I Could Fly is doing the rounds for children with diabetes, it is written by a father of a young patient.

So it would appear that Rebekah is filling a gap in the market by telling her own story – and raising cash for a good cause in the process.

Mum Jane said: We organised the dinner and auction which was very successful but that was for the adults. This was something that Rebekah did for herself.”

Recent times have been testing for the Machrays, after Rebekah’s grandfather, well known Kilsythian Alex Machray passed away – but there is a particular fact about the book that gives the family some consolation.

“Alex didn’t live to see the book in the form it is in now but he was able to read what Rebekah had written before he died, which is something,” said Jane, whose husband Mark is Alex’s son.

The family would like to thank Kilsyth-based Cowan Print who ran up copies of the book for free.

Rebekah’s Story is now available at R. & A. Cant & Sons, priced £3.