Red Road flats GHA apologises to residents

Going... going.... going... Picture: John Devlin
Going... going.... going... Picture: John Devlin

The demolition of Glasgow’s iconic Red Road flats hit a major snag today when two of the multi-storey blocks were left partially standing.

What’s been described as a failed demolition left more than 2,000 residents unable to return home.

They were evacuated from the area surrounding the flats before the demolition took place.

A GHA spokesman said: “The original plan for today’s demolition was that 10 floors of the blocks would remain for dismantling, post blowdown, by machine.

“However, this did not go completely to plan. Over the next few days the contractors, Safedem, will carry out a review to determine the best way of now completing the demolition.

“Residents began moving back into their homes shortly after 6pm, just over an hour later than originally planned.

“We sincerely apologise to everyone involved for this delay and any additional inconvenience caused.”

The Red Road flats were built between 1964 and 1969 at a cost estimated to be £6million. At the time they were thought to be the highest multi-storey flats in Europe.