Residents’ fears wall could collapse

Trees overhanging the wall at Clouden Road in Kildrum
Trees overhanging the wall at Clouden Road in Kildrum

THIS is the sight (above) that is making homeowners see red - in an otherwise well-kept part of Kildrum.

Locals have expressed fears that two overgrown gardens in Clouden Road are not merely an eysore but are causing structural damage to a back wall which has stood intact for decades.

Homeowners whose properties face the wall are fearful of the impact this may have on their own homes - as there would seem to be no attempts being made to curb the ‘jungle’

There are even reports of the wall being seen to MOVE in the hurricane conditions that lashed the area last month - sparking fears that the wall could collapse.

Local resident Lesley McArthur (68) said: “There isn’t much that can be done about these gardens but something should be done about this wall. It is on a public path after all. The wall is now looking bowed, it WILL collapse especially in bad weather.”

He added: “The street now looks a right mess – it is an absolute embarrassment.’’

The News and Chronicle showed a spokesperson at North Lanarkshire Council photographs of the area, in a bid to pinpoint the extent of the problem - but it would seem that the staff’s hands are tied.

She said : “Our roads team have powers to take action only if a hedge or trees are causing an obstruction on the public footpath or road. The residents could contact the council if they are concerned via Northline.’’