Residents in a flap over pigeon mess

Pigeons on top of buildings on Lomond Place
Pigeons on top of buildings on Lomond Place

NESTING pigeons and abandoned furniture have sparked concerns for health at a set of flats in Condorrat.

An army of pigeons have, at times, made the roof tops and drying cupboards of Lomond Place their temporary home and members of the Condorrat Residents and Tenants Association have voiced their concerns about their presence.

The birds’ temporary residence at Lomond Place has been encouraged by the presence of abandoned couches and other household furniture in one of the outdoor drying cupboards, which has created a comfortable living environment.

Pigeons, although not classified as vermin by the local authority, can often carry disease and are an unwelcome guest for the association.

John Burke, vice-chairman of the Tenants Association said: “You can see in the picture how many of them are there. It looks like something out of that Hitchcock film, The Birds!

“As far as I’m aware they’re not racing pigeons, they’re just wild ones that are using the flats.

“From what we can see, they’re using the drying cupboards as a nesting place because of the furniture that’s just been left here. It is quite a health hazard.

“We’ve had a few people complaining to us about it now so hopefully something can be done. If the birds are nesting there then there will be lots of droppings as well. There’s an environmental health hazard with it all.

“The same goes for the abandoned furniture. It’s just sitting there, rotting away and creating the perfect habitat for the birds.”

North Lanarkshire Council said: “We haven’t received any complaints about this area to date, however our officers have investigated the situation. We are now attempting to establish who has responsilibility for the drying areas as it will also be their responsibility to carry out a clean up.”