Right call on the police station hours

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Sir, – In days of old when perhaps one home in two or three streets had a phone it was an absolute requirement to have a police desk locally for reporting crime.

Nowadays this has all changed and communication is no longer the problem that it was. I believe that SNP councillor Tom Johnston has got it right - Is the police desk service being used = NO, Is the cost of manning the desks effective = NO, Can the money be used better elsewhere = YES.

Perhaps MSP Mark Griffin should have checked out how little the desk was being used before launching out on a survey, (we could have used more help with important problems like the closure of Abronhill High School and other public facilities).

In conclusion, the Chief Constable’s role is non political, and if he says he can give a better service without manning up empty desks for 14 hours then that will do me. – Yours, etc.,

John Baird


Sir, – There have been lots of upsetting cases of child abuse and neglect in the news recently. Hearing these tragic stories has been heart-wrenching.

With this in mind, I was shocked to find out that the law on child neglect is 80 years old. Because it was written so long ago, it doesn’t include emotional neglect. This type of abuse, such as on-going scapegoating or humiliation, is now known to leave children with mental scars that can last a lifetime.I hope your readers will join me in supporting Action for Children’s campaign to update the law. By visiting www.actionforchildren.org.uk/changeneglectlaw they can find out more and ask their MP to join our campaign.

Thousands of people and organisations across the UK are already involved and together we’re increasing the pressure on Government to make sure we have laws in place that really protect children.– Yours sincerely,

Mrs LYNDA paterson

67 Culmore Place