Road is clear for redress

Residents affected by the M80/A80 roadworks in Cumbernauld have had their avenues for compensation clarified by transport supremo Keith Brown.

Discussions took place after local MSP Jamie Hepburn raised the issue with Mr Brown, transport minister, in the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Brown said: “Transport Scotland has consulted widely throughout the development of the scheme to ensure that the impact of construction is kept to an absolute minimum for those who could be affected.

“Once construction is under way, contractors are required to provide a contact point so that local communities can receive information and raise concerns during the construction process.

“The contractor is responsible for ensuring that the works are strictly controlled. Contractors must limit working hours and noise levels to limits set by the relevant local authorities and, in certain circumstances, financial assistance with noise mitigation measures may be made available.

“Following completion of the scheme, individuals’ rights to compensation are further protected under part 1 of the Land Compensation (Scotland) Act 1973 if they can demonstrate that the value of their property has depreciated as a result of physical factors resulting from the operation of the scheme.”

Commenting afterwards, outside the Parliament, Jamie Hepburn said: “Many residents along the route of the A80/M80 upgrade have had to put up with noise and disruption.

“As the project nears completion, it is important people are aware of their rights if the development is having a severe and direct impact on their property.

“Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Transport Scotland’s A80 upgrade project office, which is based in Cumbernauld, on 01236 789100.”