Rubbish rules could save a fortune

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Bin men could be ordered to refuse to uplift ’ blue bins “as a last resort” if houseolders refuse to recycle their rubbish properly.

New, stricter rules on rubbish collection have been called into question by Cumbernauld South councillor Willie Goldie, the SNP’s environment spokesman on the council.

He says he asked the council to clarify what he said were tough new rules on rubbish collection after a number of residents got in touch with their concerns.

He argues non-recyclable fast-food left-overs could be dumped into the paper-only, blue bins by revellers making their way home.

“Why should any responsible householder end up penalised by the council in these circumstances?”, he said.

“I want assurances that the council will adopt a commonsense approach to casual, anti-social dumping by strangers.”

But cleansing boss Kenneth Wilson said: “The system we have introduced has more to do with education than punishment.

“The overwhelming majority of residents are doing their utmost to recycle waste and occasionally make a genuine mistake. Their bin will be tagged and an information card popped through the door.

“But a hardcore choose to ignore the need for recycling and it costs the council, which means their neighbours, hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in wasteful landfill charges – they are quite literally throwing public money away.

“We make no apology for the measures we have introduced. Refusing to uplift blue bins is a last resort and certainly not a first option.”