Sadnesss of North Lanarkshire statistics as our elderly people seek someone to talk to

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Saddening statistics state that North Lanarkshire is the area with the third highest number of lonely old people accessing a telephone helpline.

The Silver Line which acts a lifeline to pensioners has revealed that the third highest number of calls are from this area.

Only Glasgow and Edinburgh recorded higher figures in a recent study of the source of these calls.

The service was founded by crusading Esther Rantzen who said : “Every day we hear from lonely older people who have led interesting lives but are now isolated, utterly alone and literally have no-one to speak to for days on end.

“Our figures show that there are older people living in every street, in every community and we know that night-times are the worst for them.

“That is why it is vital we are there where no other helpline is available.”

The Silver Line relies entirely on donations to keep it going.

And it must raise £1.65 million to pay for its night time and weekend service.

Anyone wishing more information about the service or to make a donation should contact

And anyone w ho wishes to contact the service itself should telephone 0800 4 70 80 90.