Safety plea after dog dies

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A devastated mother has told how she watched her teenage son trying to resuscitate the family dog after the pet tragically died in a road incident.

The woman, who lives in Croy and does not want to be named, had to say goodbye to their treasured family dog, 10 month old beagle Copper on Tuesday, September 24.

The dog, who was known to most people in the Croy area, was out for a walk on Constarry Road at around 7.50pm.

It is claimed that when the dog got tangled with another pooch whilst the owners were talking on the pavement, she broke free from her solid metal chain lead.

The dog ran out on to the road and a car knocked her over, allegedly dragging the pooch along part of the road.The car then drove off.

An almost lifeless Copper was taken back to the family home where its 14-year-old owner tried to save its life before the pet eventually passed away in his arms.

The heartbroken woman said: “I have never witnessed anything so sad as my son trying to revive his own dog. It is the most horrible feeling in the world to see that.

“Every child in the place would come into my garden because they loved the dog, she was so kid friendly. We are heartbroken.”

With Croy and the surrounding area attracting a lot of dog owners, the woman was keen to make others aware of this incident to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again.

She said: “Drivers need to be more alert as this is a large dog walking area. You get people from all over walking their dogs, in fact many of them became my friends through walking Copper.It is tragic that it happened.”

The woman initially launched a Facebook campaign to track down the driver of the car.

Police are investigating the incident.