Saga of new unit for vulnerable youngsters in Kilsyth takes new turn with fresh proposal

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Plans to bring a children’s home to Kilsyth have taken a new twist at North Lanarkshire Council, after another application was submitted to planners.

Charity Inspire Scotland applied to planners in a bid to set up a home for children in care in a former bed and breakfast premises in Colzium View.

The proposal was turned down after planners judged that a facility of this kind would bring too many cars and minibuses to the cul-de-sac as children were taken to and from school.

At its initial stages, irate residents had also circulated a petition against the move, fearing that the new residents had the potential to cause anti-social behaviour.

We can confirm, contrary to an earlier report, that Inspire Scotland have not officially withdrawn their appeal against the move.

However it’s now emerged that staff are trying to get planning permission for a second time.

And we can confirm that the new blueprint does not involve Kilsyth.

For it’s emerged that Inspire Scotland has moved on to Motherwell in a bid to open their latest home.

A disused business park in the Forgewood area has been earmarked for this purpose.

Unlike the Kilsyth site, the building will require conversion work to house the youngsters.

The man who tried to bring the home to Kilsyth, Brian Hill, has stated that he still finds the refusal in Kilsyth ‘‘very disappointing’’

He added: “I think that a lot of peoples’ minds were made up from the start.

“It is not a certain type of child we have but a set of individuals.

“In a recent Care Inspectorate report, our marks were either ‘good’ or ‘very good’.”

Mr Hill added that the charity’s desire was to be good neighbours and help those who are less fortunate.

Inspire Scotland already has a home in rural South Lanarkshire and the Kilsyth plan wsa its first foray into North Lanarkshire.

Mr Hill argued that there are around 60 youngsters in care within the authority, meaning that a facility of this kind is urgently needed.