SAS off target claims MSP

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AN MSP is claiming that the target to answer 90% of 999 ambulance calls within ten seconds has been significantly missed.

Last year, the Scottish Ambulance Service brought in new standards to pick-up 90 per cent of emergency calls within that timeframe.

However, Scottish Conservative and Central Scotland MSP Margaret Mitchell says that figures have revealed that in 2012/13 only two-thirds of these were answered in less than ten seconds.

Ms Mitchell said: “The monthly figures, which cover 2012/13, show that in May 2012 the percentage of call answered within ten seconds was only 61.2 per cent. The highest percentage achieved was 74.9 per cent in April this year – still nowhere near the 90 per cent goal.

“When a person is in desperate need the sound of a phone ringing out can be very distressing and if ambulances are to get to the scene of emergencies as quickly as possible, it’s essential that 999 calls are picked up almost as soon as they are made.

“The target of 90 per cent is there for a reason, and it’s bitterly disappointing that as yet it has not been achieved.”