Save the day for Cumbernauld Gala

LOCALS are being advised to ‘save the day’ for the town’s biggest community event after it emerged that Cumbernauld Gala Day will take place on Saturday, July 13.

Plans for the Glasgow Fair ever are now well underway after three young ladies from Abronhill High School were selected as the royal party by organisers at Cumbernauld Community Forum.

Princesses Megan Nicoll and Louise Stewart Wilson will ably assist Queen Amy O’Neill at the event which will kick off with the trademark procession. This snakes its way from Fleming House through Central Way and North Carbrain before basing itself outside New Town Hall.

The venue traditionally acts as a back-up to the alfresco-fun and will host craft and refreshment stalls - but one key aspect of the event has changed.

Because this red letter day has entered the digital age and has opened up a facebook page for the event at

Anyone wishing to take up a stall at the event is also asked to contact at where a booking form can be downloaded

Forum chairman Billy Lees said: “As far as we are concerned this is going to be the best gala day ever and thought that websites would be a good idea to promote it.’’

A number of community groups will be represented at the event which is hardly surprising as the forum itself is an umbrella organisation for more than 20 local organisations.

Cumbernauld Gala Day is one of several gala days in Cumbernauld as areas including Abronhill and Carbrain hold their own.

The gala day ran for many years in Cumbernauld before falling by the wayside. However, hard-working Cumbernauld Community Forum decided it was high time to revive it several years ago - and have done so to great success.

Local secondaries take it in turns to provide a royal retinue for the event.

The event is sponsored by the See Me campaign which has been working with the forum aims to remove the stigma from mental health issues. Its staff will man a stall at the event