School gates drivers warning

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Police in Cumbernauld are asking drivers to comply with parking and stopping regulations at the school gates – or they could face the consequences.

They say there has been a significant increase in calls about inconsiderate parking and dangerous conduct by drivers who are dropping off or collecting children at local schools.

Several schools have reminded parents about the issue in their newsletters but police are still getting complaints.

Chief Inspector David Bruce, area commander for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Strathkelvin, explained: “Over the last two months, police officers have attended a number of incidents of inconsiderate behaviour by parents and guardians who are dropping off and collecting children from school.

“ As well as these reports to the police, MPs, MSPs and councillors have received complaints and I have had officers attend schools and monitor driver behaviour. “The restrictions on stopping and parking in the vicinity of schools are there for a very good reason - the safety of our children.

“Officers have in the main avoided enforcement measures and dealt with matters through advice and guidance.”

He added: “The overwhelming majority of parents are law abiding but unfortunately a minority appear unaware that their selfish or thoughtless decision to flout the law for their own convenience cause disruption to other road users and more importantly place children at the risk of harm. This includes parking and stopping on zig zagged areas, double yellow lines and other restricted areas. Obstructions are caused to crossing points and lines of visibility. Footpaths are being blocked with pedestrians being forced onto the road and into oncoming traffic.

“It is disappointing to me that a light touch approach to this aspect of road safety has not brought any visible improvements.

“I will now be instructing local officers to take a more robust approach to enforcement. “

Inspector Bruce said drivers could be reported to the Procurator Fiscal or issued with Fixed Penalty Notices which come with fines of up to £100. Drivers licences would also be endorsed if they fail to comply.