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Pic Lisa McPhillips 26/03/2013'Chapelgreen Primary celebrates 50th Anniversary
Pic Lisa McPhillips 26/03/2013'Chapelgreen Primary celebrates 50th Anniversary

THIS year marks a special occasion for pupils at Chapelgreen Primary School in Kilsyth.

For our latest School of the Week is celebrating its 50 anniversary.

This has marked the learning for pupils at the school this term.

They have taken a real step into the past to get an idea of what life was like when their school first opened.

An exhibition chartering the school’s history has given pupils a real insight to the way things were and of course how they have changed.

The granny’s vegetable patch has proved popular with those pupils in primary one and two.

They have been growing all sorts of vegetables including potatoes, carrots and onions. And we are sure, granny would be proud.

Primary three, meanwhile, has been getting to grips with nature.

The birdwatching group has been learning the basics of the hobby as well as all the different types of species to be found.

The swinging sixties continues to be a theme at the school, especially for pupils in the upper school.

They are learning all about the famous artist Andy Warhol and his equally appealing pop art.

The pupils have even had a go at recreating the famous designs.

The eco group at the school continues to work hard at ensuring Chapelgreen stays a place that is friendly to the environment.

Part of the group’s duties include recycyling all the paper in the school.

Our upper school pupils have also been getting on their bikes in time for the summer.

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