School of the Week - Cumbernauld Primary

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Pupils at Cumbernauld Primary are proving to be active citizens within their community - which is why they are our latest School of Week.

The youngsters in primary one discovered on a nature walk the effect that dog waste has on the town’s paths and walkways.

They decided to write to the News and Chronicle after organising a campaign against it - as we previously reported.

The kids created posters to warn people to clean up after their dogs.

And have made their parents and teachers proud by tackling the issue head on.

The imaginations of the primary one classes have meanwhile been running wild with their fairytale stories.

Primary 1A are studying The Gingerbread Man while Primary 1B are learning all about the adventures of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The pupils have been learning about the hidden messages within the stories such as the importance of not talking to strangers.

Enterprising students in primary seven are looking forward to their graduation ball.

With a little help from The Parent Council, the pupils have held a tuck shop, stationery sale and sold water at the sport’s day to raise funds for their event.

Art is on the minds of primary four who have been learning about some of the greats.

The pupils have been so inspired by the works of Van Gogh and others, that they have used materials to create their own masterpieces.

The whole school is proud of the P6/7 football team who have won two accolades this season.

They won the North Lanarkshire schools competition and came second nationwide.

For more pictures, see this week’s Cumbernauld News or Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, June 26.