Scotland is the homeland

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A Twechar born Aussie loves his Scottish routes so much that he has just made an astonishing 14th visit to his birthplace.

Iain Glover contacted the News and Chronicle during his recent visit to the area to share a much treasured family photo, which was taken when the expats first arrived to begin their new life in Australia.

The Glovers lived in Alexander Avenue, Twechar, and mum Mae, who was originally from Queezieburn, worked in the gunnary while dad William was a worker at the Twechar No1 mines.

The family left Twechar to start in a new life in Australia in November, 1951.

This picture was taken in 1952 in Wallongong where the family settled.

Iain was the oldest child of the family and was around four years old when the snap was taken.

He is pictured with Betty, who was three, Frank, who was two, and Jean, who was one years old.

The youngest Glover, Thomas was born in Australia.

Iain said: “I feel I have a real connection with the place.

“My father never came back but this my 14th visit.”

Iain is related to Kilsyth Rangers legend Johnny Glover, who is his first cousin.

Glover played for the squad between the season of 1953 and 1954.

Iain also has family today in around the area including Kilsyth.

He said: “I just love the people here, they are so friendly.”

His favourite local delights include steak pie and whisky, and he even stocked up on the Kilsyth Chronicle to take back to Australia with him.

Astonishingly his one memory is a railway line which went through Twechar.

Iain explained that he drew a map of what he remember Twechar to look like and included the railway line. When he went back everyone said it never existed until he discovered it in a drawing in Kilsyth’s Coachman.