Search for VC relatives

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North Lanarkshire Council is on the hunt for relatives of the local war heroes who won the Victoria Cross in the First World War.

Six men from what is now North Lanarkshire won the ultimate bravery award during the conflict and preparations are now underway to lay commemorative paving stones honouring them, as part of a scheme being carried out across the entire UK.

The VC winners are David Lauder of Airdrie (Gallipoli, August 13 1915); James Richardson from Bellshill (the Somme, October 8-9, 1916); John Carmichael of Glenmavis (Zwarteleen, September 8, 1917); William Clamp from Motherwell (Poelcapelle, October 9, 1917); William Mine from Cambusnethan (Thelus, April 9, 1917); and John O’Neill from Airdrie (Moorsele, October 14 and 18, 1918).

The stones will be unveiled to coincide with the anniversary of the battle for which they were awarded. Any relatives of these VC winners should contact 01698 302324 or email