Sick assault on small dog and its owner in Cumbernauld

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A male who took his partner’s small dog out for a walk was subjected to a sickening attack - and the thugs then turned on the pet.

Police have approached the News and Chronicle in the hope that eyewitnesses to the crime will come forward.

They want to speak to anyone who was in the vicinity of Elliot House in Burns Road, Kildrum around 6.30pm on Saturday, January 3.

That is where a duo cornered a 23 year old male and assaulted him.

They they turned their attentions to the tiny Papillion dog. The breed which takes its name after the French word for butterfly has distinctively large ears and a very delicate build.

The cowardly thugs rained down injuries on the dog which may have to have one of its legs amputated as a consequence of their cruelty.

The pair could not only face charges of assault but stiff penalties relating to animal abuse

The attackers are in their late teens or early 20s. Both wore tracksuit bottoms. One wore a red hooded top and the other was wearing a blue jacket and a hat.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101.