Silverware tribute handed to Condorrat

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Condorrat Allotment Society is the proud recipient of a gleaming array of old trophies, after green -fingered Croy resident Hugh Campbell made a kind gift to this hardworking club.

The first trophy dates back to a Condorrat Horticultural Society competition in 1964 and is in fact the Silver Cumbernauld News Trophy won by Peter Brodie.

A total of three of the trophies have been in Hugh’s family for decades and date back to Cumbernauld Town Council Horticultural competititions for Condorrat District running from 1973 to 1980. Another trophy winner is named as a Mr J Waddel.

The custodian of the trophies is Condorrat man John Burke who said: “I’d like to thank Hugh for these kind donations.”