Society preserves police history

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The history of the police force will be showcased in a special display in Motherwell this weekend.

For in May of this year, the Lanarkshire Police Historical Society was formed.

The Lanarkshire Police Historical Society aims to act as a focal point and network for all who are interested in policing in the county.

The Lanarkshire Police Historical Society will encourage the preservation of police archives and artefacts, as well as promoting their accessibility to the general public.

The Lanarkshire Police Historical Society intends to encourage research into all aspects of the history of the police in Lanarkshire and to publish the results.

It will forge and maintain strategic links with the local community and relevant academic institutions; and those involved in the group hope to in the future to have a permanent display of memorabilia somewhere in the central Lanarkshire area.

There’s the chance of a preview of some of those artefacts this weekend, when the Society holds a display of memorabilia including badges, truncheons, hats and handcuffs, as well as other items and records.

The Vice Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire Louis Munn, a former senior police officer in the county, will be attending this event.

The event is being hosted on Saturday, November 23, and Sunday, November 24, from noon to 4pm by Lanarkshire Family History Society in its Resource Centre .

The Lanarkshire Family History Society is based on 122-124 Merry Street, Motherwell. Their centre is above Hara, Hill and Wason and you can enter via the car park at the rear.

While membership of the Lanarkshire Police History Society is aimed primarily at serving and retired police officers and staff, the display, however, is open to anyone who is interested in police history.

Donations of police memorabilia to the Lanarkshire Police History Society would be much appreciated.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the Lanarksgire Police History Society, can contact George Barnsley on 07584219405 or e-mail him on george@barnsleyandbarnsley.