Sports centre shutdown

THE leaky centrepiece of the new £9 million Broadwood sports and leisure complex has remained shut for yet another month.

Thursday, 8th April 2010, 12:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th April 2010, 12:52 pm

Patrons continue to find the new hall out of bounds as building experts try to ascertain why water is seeping through the roof.

Red-faced officials from North Lanarkshire Council have been forced to deny that there is any structural damage involved.

The newly revamped complex opened with some fanfare in January, boasting a host of new amenities like a martial arts studio, fitness rooms, dance practice areas, and beauty salon plus a playroom.

However, the showpiece sports hall itself has hardly been used after management decided it was becoming too waterlogged to remain in operation. And last week the council confirmed that this is the way it will stay.

A spokesperson said: "Temporary repairs are continuing to the roof of the main hall at Broadwood Sports Centre, which remains closed to the public.

"We are awaiting the results of a survey by the British Research Establishment and are fully committed to resolving this matter as soon as possible so that our customers can have full access to the facilities."

And sports enthusiasts were also denied access to another Cumbernauld leisure facility - although this time vandalism was to blame.

Swimmers who fancied a dip last Saturday morning (March 27) were turned away from the Tryst Centre after vandals smashed two windows, sending shards of glass across the poolside.

Centre manager George Jack said: "Unfortunately we had to restrict public access to the main pool area that morning after vandals broke two windows overnight.

"Broken glass was found on the poolside and we had to close part of the main pool for a few hours while this was cleared. We were able to keep the middle and teaching pools open which meant there wasn't too much disruption.

"We do apologise to any patron who was inconvenienced," added Mr Jack.