Springtime jobs boost for Cumbernauld

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Cumbernauld’s biggest employer has been handed a jobs boost after bosses at HMRC gave coveted new posts the green light.

A total of 150 jobs are to be offered on a fixed term basis between tax centres in Cumbernauld and Livingston.

No breakdown figures for each office were available but it’s been confirmed that the posts will last until March 2014.

All the new appointments are located in the debt management telephony centre which links callers to multiple individual sites across the country and are now being advertised on the HMRC website.

A spokesman for HMRC said: “Although these are fixed term appointments, they do provide opportunities for people to obtain work in their local area.’’

The news has been welcomed by Gregg McClymont MP who said: “It’s welcome vote of confidence by UK HMRC in the Cumbernauld workforce at a time when unemployment is high and jobs are scarce.

“I am delighted that HMRC is providing new opportunities for local people to get into the workplace and I am encouraging jobless constituents who have contacted me to make an application,’’ he added.