Stranded pupils say thank you

SOME of the pupils from Our Lady's High who were stranded overnight in Broadwood leisure centre after a fierce snowstorm have returned to the scene of their ordeal.

In total, 45 youngsters had to bed down in the soft play area on Monday, December 6, after their bus became stranded en-route to the Seafar school.

Lewis Brown (12), James McAveety (13), Maria McAveety (11) and Kieran McKerron (16) made a somewhat less eventful journey back to Broadwood towards the end of last week to thank the staff who looked after them.

Maria said: "It was a fun adventure but we're in no rush to do it again. The staff at Broadwood were great, they organised games for us like ping pong, badminton and football."

Meanwhile, Marc Wynn, the dad of one of the children left stranded, wrote to North Lanarkshire Leisure bosses to express his gratitude for their swift action.

He said: "On behalf of all the parents may I sayhow grateful we areto everyone at Broadwood. They deserve great credit for stepping up to the challenge which they were presented with on Monday.

"They did a great job looking after and caring for the children. I appreciate that it was not part of their remit and it was reassuring to all the parents that our children were in capable hands from the time they arrived.I also appreciate that all the staff worked very long hours.

"As a parent, all you want is for some one to take the lead and to give you confidence that your kids are safe and secure. And that's exactly what they delivered."