Sue “blown away” by response to head shave challenge

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A Greenfaulds woman has been overwhelmed by the response she received after signing up for a charity head shave.

Sue Silos (46) is taking Macmillan’s Brave the Shave challenge and will have her head shaved completely bald by stylist Keith Angeley at an event in the Stables Lounge on August 22.

Sue, who herself is undergoing cancer treatment, said: “Lots of people have come forward and shared their stories with me, including the family of Elise Gibb from Cumbernauld who recently died of cancer aged just 25. I have dedicated this effort to her memory.

“Doing this has been an emotional rollercoaster but it’s all about the sponsors. I’m doing nothing extraordinary, if it wasn’t for the sponsors I’d just be some woman getting a haircut.”

Sue expects a number of family and friends to join her at the Stables for the shave, which will be done in stages to add to the fun of the evening.

“Keith’s been telling me he has lots of ideas of things to try out over the course of the evening, but in the end he’ll take a wet razor and shave my head right to the scalp.”

You can donate to Sue’s fundraising effort by visiting and searching for her there.