Support for Angela’s mental health campaign

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A mental health campaigner from Cumbernauld says she has had some encouraging meetings as she works to set up a local group.

Angela Hamilton, a mum of two from Kildrum, has been drumming up support from charities and elected representatives as he progresses towards founding regular meetings in the town. Angela has petitioned the Scottish Parliament on the status of mental health diagnosis and response after struggling to get her own problems diagnosed.

Angela said: “I met with Maeve from See Me Scotland and she was very helpful and supportive. She was very happy to hear about how my campaign is progressing and agrees that something needs to be done within our community.

“I also met with councillor Gillian Fannan to discuss my campaign and she, again, was very supportive and also agrees a group would be a great place to start in offering a mental health service in Cumbernauld.

“At the moment I am contacting as many MSPs and councillors to try gain their support in both creating a service for Cumbernauld and arranging an awareness event at Parliament.”

Angela has a new website with more information on her campaigning efforts. This can be found HERE