Tenancy wrangle

A CRISIS meeting took place on Monday after neighbours raised fears about a tenant who was scheduled to live in their midst.

The News and Chronicle has learned that the individual was on the brink of moving into a North Lanarkshire Council-owned property in Condorrat’s Primrose Place. The tenant has been housed in a number of homes in both Cumbernauld and Kilsyth in recent years.

However locals believe that the tenant will bring an undesirable influence to their street - and met with housing officials and police to discuss the matter. A decision regarding the tenancy was due to be made shortly after we went to press yesterday (Tuesday).

NLC’s operations manager Stephen Llewellyn confirmed the meeting had gone ahead and added: “Like every other council in Scotland we have a legal duty to provide homes for those most in need. It’s not our policy to discuss the personal details of our tenants, particularly through the local newspaper.”

He added: “It is extremely disappointing that the local community has reacted in this way and that we must now consider the future safety of our tenant.”