Tesco step up for triplets

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Tesco’s philosophy of every little helps has proved to make life a lot easier for a busy Cumbernauld mum.

For Dawn Hackett, of Ravenswood, has persuaded the store to bring in a special trolley which caters for her triplets.

The mum-of-four found shopping trips a huge task with triplets Dylan, Dean and Layla, who are 14-months-old, in tow. Dawn, who is also mum to Natalie (4), is a members of a triplets group and discovered that Tesco make a trolley which caters for four children.

She contacted the town centre store, and last week two of the trollies were made available.

She said: “I previously had to stack shopping in the pram which was not great. I have used the new trolley once and it is definitely a lot easier.

“Tesco have also arranged a place for me to put the pram which is a big help too.”

Fiona Urquhart, customer service manager, said: “Dawn approached us about the trollies, we were able to get them here within about a week. e did not know they existed but we made enquiries and it was easy enough to get them. It’s just about making moments matter for our customers.”

Tesco presented Dawn with a £50 gift voucher for her bright suggestion. Anyone wishing to use the trollies should contact the customer service desk.