The streets are turning red

Red ash
Red ash
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CUMBERNAULD’S streets have turned red because North Lanarkshire Council ran out of salt shortly after the first week of the big freeze, it has been claimed.

As we have reported, red ash has been spread widely on local pavements in recent weeks in a move which has sparked complaints from locals who say that it is both ineffective and messy.

A well-placed source has told the News that North Lanarkshire Council was left in the lurch, after a giant shipment of salt failed to arrive from PERU – and that the red ash has been dished out instead.

The source said: ‘’They get the salt from a quarry in Tinto near Lanark which also supplies South Lanarkshire Council but it didn’t arrive and that is the reason they are using the red ash. So that’s why the streets are absolutely covered in the stuff.”


When the News discussed the matter with North Lanarkshire Council we were told that the council had NOT run out of salt – and stated that it had some 2000 tonnes of it before Christmas. It was then stressed that this would last well into January.

When pressed on why red ash was in widespread use instead, a spokesman replied: ‘’The red grit on the pavements provide pedestrians with abrasion.”

Meanwhile Executive Director of NLC’s Environmental Service Paul Jukes has moved to defend the council’s response to the Arctic conditions.

“We have been utilising every possible resource from bin lorries as snow clearing vehicles to hiring some 100 JCBs from private contractors. Grounds maintenance services have been helping to clear snow and grit carriageways and footpaths and refill the 1200 grit bins across the council area,” maintained Mr Jukes.

He also singled out janitors and maintenance teams for their gritting efforts.

“As a result schools were able to open their doors during the last week of term, social workers got to clients and meals on wheels were delivered,” said Mr Jukes.

“I want to thank everyone involved in our efforts to cope with the situation many of whom have gone well above and beyond the call of duty. Their work has been phenomenal and it is very much appreciated,” he added.