There’s a buzz about Cumbernauld Nursery’s van

The nursery's bee-like van
The nursery's bee-like van

WHEN your name is Auchinbee Nursery and you want to brighten up your minibus, there is an obvious answer in design terms.

Creating a bee theme adds a touch of fun and creates a buzz with youngsters. And it’s all been made possible by a local firm called Totally Dynamic, who are based in Wardpark.

The business which boasts franchises throughout the UK, transforms vehicles by coating them in tough vinyl wrapping. Catering mainly for haulage firms, the coating can be removed when the proprietor wants to sell the lorry on - in a credit crunching move which avoids a pricy re-paint job.

Last week, staff from the Wardpark depot got busy creating the distinctive black and yellow stripes that can only bring to mind the bee - but it’s not the first time that the firm has been asked to do something just for fun.

Staff recently created a Volkswagen Beetle into ‘Love Bug’ Herbie, down to the Blue and Red stripes and the Number 53.

But it is bees and not a Love Bug that have got the youngsters excited down Craigmarloch way.

Totally Dynamic manager Adam Sharpe said: “ We drew the design on a template so the nursery could see how the design would look and it took two days to complete. The nursery was over the moon when it was finished.”