Thumbs up for hospital food

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The patient menu at Monklands Hospital was given the thumbs up at a recent food tasting event.

The event was held to give patients, visitors and relatives a chance to sample the food that was being served in the wards on the same day.

Senior nurse Karen Black said: “The food tasting session allowed patients and the public to give us their views on the improvements we have made. Everyone we spoke to was very positive and the feedback we have received from patients in the wards has also been great.”

The dishes that were available to try included beef lasagne, chicken curry, broccoli cheese, jam sponge and custard.

John Riley, vice chairman of the North Lanarkshire Public Partnership Forum, said: “The food quality was absolutely first class. I think patients will be reassured by the quality of food and will be asking where they can purchase these lovely dishes.”

Management, catering and clinical staff have worked with patient representatives to improve the patient experience and quality of the food.

Nancy Pettigrew, patient representative, said: “I am a vegetarian and rather picky about some of the types of food that were on display but I must admit it was excellent.

“The three courses I tried today I would buy in a restaurant. Carry on the good work Lanarkshire Health Board.”

Karen Black added: “Patient satisfaction is important to us. Although we have already implemented a number of changes, we recognise this is an on-going process. We will continue to work with our service providers, dieticians and patient representatives to monitor nutritional standards, quality and patient satisfaction.

“If a patient does have an issue with the food while they are staying in hospital I would advise them to speak with the nursing staff. The catering department will work with the nursing staff to address any issue.”

Videos of the food tasting sessions and the patient/public comments are available on the NHS Lanarkshire You Tube channel -