Time of midlife

THE PUZZLERS: The three-piece are supporting ISA and The Filthy Tongues this month.
THE PUZZLERS: The three-piece are supporting ISA and The Filthy Tongues this month.

THE next gig at the Noizy Indie Social Club will represent something of a comeback for one of the acts, despite the fact they are making their debut.

The Puzzlers, who along with Sonic Hearts Foundation will be supporting ISA and The Filthy Tongues on April 23, formed as a three-piece in January, though Gordon Tosh and Jim Dorman also performed together in the Eighties as Bigman.

The resurgence, after many years, came about through the Noizy re-igniting their interest in performing live.

They were joined by Andy Morrison who plays bass.

“Initially we didn’t have a bassist but Andy came along. While he was a novice to start with he’s really taken to it and is now a full-fledged bass player,” said frontman Jim Dorman, the band’s singer/songwriter.

So The Noizy will be the band’s first gig together, but they have also signed up for a forthcoming charity gig at the New Town Hall (watch this space for further details of that performance).

Given that the band’s members have reached a certain maturity, there is one question that some people have cheekily raised once or twice. Jim took the opportunity to use this interview to settle the matter for good.

“It’s been rather unfairly suggested that forming The Puzzlers is a sign of us having a midlife crisis.

“If by putting The Puzzlers together is actually us having a midlife crisis, then I thoroughly recommend having one – it’s a party”, he said.

The gig is in the Kingfisher Bar on Dowanfield Road with doors opening 7.30pm. You can also buy advance tickets from the bar, which would be advisable as the gig is threatening to be a sell-out.