Town firefighters’ key safety mission

Firefighters and volunteers at the launch of the new initiative.
Firefighters and volunteers at the launch of the new initiative.

Cumbernauld firefighters have teamed up with the Salvation Army for the local launch of a pioneering safety scheme.

They will be promoting fire safety among some of the most vulnerable members of the community, in a pilot set to be taken up across the whole of North Lanarkshire.

Salvation Army Corps officer Stephen Moir welcome firefighters from Greenfaulds Road fire station to speak to people who use the Hope Kitchen food bank.

The pilot scheme took place over six weeks at the Salvation Army’s base on Clouden Road, and Cumbernauld crew manager Alan Carroll is hoping it can be rolled out across the country.

It’s a way of bringing home the potentially life-saving m essage on fire safety to people who could be at risk at some future point in their lives.

Instilling basic safety awarness is seen as literally a matter of life and death.

Alan Carroll said: “This has been a successful initiative because it has allowed the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to engage with a section of the public that we consider to be the most vulnerable and in need of our support.

“Many people we met have chaotic lifestyles and so we would previously not have had the chance to speak to them.

“We’re hoping similar schemes could be rolled out across North Lanarkshire and the West service delivery area because The Salvation Army runs these kitchens across the country.”

Captain Moir said: “We are dedicated to caring for vulnerable people so by partnering with the Fire and Rescue Service on this project it’s helping get an important message out. This kind of initiative could be established at other corps around the country.”

Anyone wishing to arrange a free home fire safety visit, can call SFRS on the freephone number 0800 0731 999, or text “check” to 61611. They can also contact their local community fire station or see the website