Town to gain buffet restaurant

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A 100-plus seater Chinese and Asian buffet restaurant is set to open on the site of the defunct Blockbuster video store in the town’s South Muirfield Road.

The scheme aims to tap into sky high enthusiasm for casual dining with oriental cuisine – for example in branded noodle bars which have become major success stories throughout British cities, including Glasgow.

But the venture, to be fully licensed, will also include a range of Asian options to accommodate diners who enjoy Indian food but don’t necessarily want a full restaurant meal.

An agent for the operator told the News the plan is dependent on the venture winning approval through the full range of regulatory procedures.

It will require a building warrant and change of use approval to a restaurant venture, as well full planning permission.

Then it will require licensing permission from the area’s licensing board.

However unless serious objections are forthcoming the venture, if approved, will bring a major new licensed catering proposition to the town centre.

It could also help to generate extra footfall to nearby shops from the new diners that would be drawn to the area.

A number of new jobs – probably a mixture of full and part time – would also be created.

Assuming the scheme passes the necessary regulatory hurdles the venture could be up and running at some point during autumn this year.