Town to welcome Malawi delegation

representatives from the African region of Malawi are scheduled to visit Cumbernauld this week as part of a tour of youth projects around the UK.

Marcel Chisi is founder of the youth organisation AYISE (Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement), which is based in Bangwe near the city of Blantyre.

As its name suggests, the organisation was founded by Scottish missionaries.

Marcel and his colleagues have been in the UK for three weeks, visiting various youth projects in England and Wales as guests of the British Council.

However they will be extending their trip to come to Scotland as guests of Ben Wilson from Condorrat, who for the past four years has travelled to Malawi to volunteer with AYISE.

Ben said: “I first came to know AYISE in 2007 when I travelled to Malawi with SVA (Student Volunteers Abroad).

“I have since returned to AYISE in 2008, 2009, and 2010 to undertake research of behalf of the local NGOs and work with a local orphan care centre who I still currently support.

“I know Marcel best of all, having worked closely with him whilst volunteering and travelling to his home village, where I hope to coordinate an international volunteering project next summer to work on sustainable agriculture.”

Ben added: “Part of Marcel’s trip here will be spent with me arranging this. Aside from this we are going to First Ministers Questions, getting a tour of the Parliament and meeting with the Scotland Malawi Partnership in Edinburgh City Chambers.

“We will also be touring Glasgow, and travelling to the David Livingstone Exhibition in Blantyre as well as visiting Loch Lomond.”

On Friday Ben and his guests will be visiting the offices of Gregg McClymont MP, who will formally welcome them to the town.

See next week’s News and Chronicle for pictures and more.