Call for 3D crossing to make road safer

The zebra crossing in Howe Road, Kilsyth
The zebra crossing in Howe Road, Kilsyth

Plea after complaints about drivers ignoring people trying to cross

This comes after Iceland became the latest country to introduce 3D zebra crossings, following similar ideas being used in India and China.

The idea behind the crossings is they are painted in such a way that they become an optical illusion to make the crossing seem as if it is floating which hopefully slows down traffic.

Councillor Kerr hopes it can be used to fix a traffic issue in Kilsyth.

He said: “There has been a zebra crossing in Howe Road for about 30 years, but it is no longer managing to do its job.

“I’ve had six complaints in the past fortnight alone of drivers just ignoring the crossing and speeding straight over it.

“There had been an initial idea to replace it with a pelican crossing, but I’m wondering if it might be more cost effective to try a 3D zebra crossing.

“The illusion created is very striking and must be worth trying in a bid to slow down drivers on Howe Road so I’ve written to the council asking if they would consider running a pilot scheme.

“Kilsyth is out on the fringes of North Lanarkshire and doesn’t get much, but maybe in this case we can be allowed to lead the way.”

However, it doesn’t seem that the council has much enthusiasm towards 3D zebra crossings. A council spokesperson said: “The council continually monitors innovation in the field of road safety and, where appropriate, develops practical solutions based on those innovations.

“The 3D zebra crossing still has a considerable amount of development to undergo to prove it is effective and safe.”