Council finally admits Wyndford Road will never reopen

Warning signs that Wyndford Road is closed were first put up in 2011
Warning signs that Wyndford Road is closed were first put up in 2011

After more than seven years North Lanarkshire Council had admitted it will never reopen a road linking Wardpark and Banknock.

A section of Wyndford Road to the south of the railway line has been shut to all traffics since February 2011 due to subsidence caused by old mine workings.

This has meant that a journey which used to take five minutes has doubled with drivers having to use the M80 via Haggs.

For those not allowed on the motorway, such as mobility scooters, it has made it a near impossible journey via Kelvinhead, Dullatur and Carrickstone.

The council has been monitoring the situation, but with major subsidence continuing it has admitted defeat.

Cumbernauld North councillor Alan Masterton said: “I understand this ground continues to be unstable and suffer from subsidence not only in the area of the road, but in adjacent ground which suggests the underlying mine workings are having a much wider impact.

“I think the fact there are still ongoing issues with this ground and the sheer amount of money it would require to fix this road means it is uneconomical to do so.”

A council spokesperson confirmed Councillor Masterton’s assessment of the situation.

They said: “Subsidence caused by deep mining workings means Wyndford Road is unsafe, and would require substantial remedial work to make it operational.

“Given the pressure on budgets, the council has decided the costs would be prohibitive and would be best used elsewhere on the local roads network.

“As a result, the council plans to put in place a stopping up order to close the road permanently.”