Hamcap and council blamed while no solution in sight for Cumbernauld bus station revamp

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A meeting held on Monday to discuss the future of the delayed bus station revamp in Cumbernauld has failed to find a solution.

Work was supposed to start two months ago but legalities between town centre owners Hamcap and North Lanarkshire Council have been blamed for the hold-up.

Both parties met on Monday to try and thrash out a solution but this did not have the desired outcome.

A council spokesman said: “We had an extensive and detailed meeting and discussed some of the barriers which Hamcap feel need to be addressed and we agreed that further discussions will take place.

“We understand the frustration over the length of time this process has taken.

“We will be seeking a fast response from Hamcap and reassurance that they remain fully committed the project.

“The council has always been fully committed and we are prepared to invest substantial sums of public money but we can only do so in partnership with others.”

A Hamcap spokesperson said: “We are fully committed to seeing long overdue investment in these facilities to complete the investment already being made to the rest of the town centre.

“However,there are some onerous legal objections in respect of future capital spend which needs to be resolved first with North Lanarkshire council.

“It is hoped that an agreement can be reached soon, however an alternative may have to be explored if this is not possible.”