School road safety fears due to parking

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Road safety fears involving children in Croy have been sparked by “thoughtless” drivers obstructing a primary school.

Parents and staff at Holy Cross Primary School are worried that a tragic accident is inevitable because of the problems caused by train-using shoppers and commuters leaving their cars outside the school all day because it is closer than the overspill park and ride facility at Croy Station.

One parent told the Chronicle: “I have two daughters in the school and have seen how obstructed the buses in particular are.

“I have personally witnessed a school bus having to perform a seven-point turn because of vehicles left on the zigzags outside the school

“When a child is leaving school they’re not necessarily thinking about buses doing seven-point turns, they’re in a hurry. I think it’s only a matter of time until a child is killed.”

It appears that the poor state of the road markings in the vicinity of the school are a contributing factor with regard to these problem.

The parent continued: “This is not the fault of the school, which is fantastic, but the council needs to take action to fix the road markings.”

It is believed that Health and Safety officers and Police Scotland have also been contacted in connection with these issues.

A council spokeswoman said NLC had received no complaints and added: “Our roads service have arranged for the road markings to be refurbished and this will be carried out as soon as possible, subject to weather.”