Traffic lights bid for local secondary

Calls are being made to install a set of traffic lights outside a school which was the scene of an accident last month.

St Maurice’s High School hit the headlines after two 15 year old girls were struck by a car on leaving the premises at 3.30pm on Tuesday, February 17

Fortunately, neither was hurt but the incident has generated some concern amongst parents who approached local councillor, Alan O’Brien about the matter.

Councillor O’Brien who is also a local driving instructor believes that this stretch of road is a particularly likely area for speeding.

The Scottish Nationalist-turned Independent said: “As an instructor, I’m quite conscious of how often the speed limit outside the school is exceeded.

“The problem stems from a 40 mile per hour limit being very close to the entrance with many drivers not reacting to reduce speeds outwith the school.

“After hearing of the accident I contacted North Lanarkshire Council’s roads department to lobby for more effective measure to reduce drive speeds outside St Maurice’s,” he added.

When the News and Chronicle contacted North Lanarkshire Council in regard to this matter it was confirmed that the proposal has been discussed.

However it does not have the outcome that the councillor would have hoped for.

Alex Ramsay who is the Assistant Business Manager of Road Operations said: “Having had time to consider the circumstances surrounding the accident and existing safety measures, we have no plans for further action.”