Call for parking restrictions to be introduced in North Carbrain Road

Concerns have been raised about the safety of people trying to use the pavement in North Carbrain Road, Cumbernauld, due to parked cars.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 2:15 pm
A bus has to mount the traffic island to get past parked cars in North Carbrain Road

Since parking restrictions were introduced in the town centre there has been a increase in the number of people leaving their vehicles in North Carbrain Road as they seek to avoid the three-hour limit.

Former soldier Alexander Alum has sent a number of pictures of the issue to the road department to make them aware of the issue in the hope that yellow lines or similar limits can be introduced.

He said: “I want to let the council know how serious this problem is, for instance we have people with disabilities trying to make their way to the Central Health Centre having their path blocked by cars up on the pavement.

“The pavements themselves have been badly damaged with those cars driving onto the path month after month, lets just hope no one trips and falls, and even when or if they are repaired they will just become damaged again.

“It isn’t just pedestrians this is affecting though as North Carbrain Road is a busy bus route, yet I have witnessed buses having to mount the traffic islands in order to get past.

“I know disabled friends who have challenged drivers about where they are parked, and they always just respond that as there is no yellow lines they can park where they like.

“I have spoken to numerous council departments, the police and politicians and they all say their hands are tied because there is no restrictions, so surely the time has come for restrictions to be introduced.”

North Lanarkshire Council claims it is not aware of any increase in parking and haven’t received any complaints.

In addition as the road doesn’t have any waiting restrictions in place it is not an area that parking wardens operate in.