Petition calls for better bus service in Cumbernauld

A petition has been launched calling for better public transport through Condorrat after 8pm.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 4:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 4:55 pm

Two years ago due to a decline in passenger numbers Stagecoach decided to introduce an evening service from Glasgow serving the whole of Cumbernauld

However, they claim feedback from passengers was that the route and journey time was too long so decided to concentrate on access to areas of higher patronage, mainly the town centre, Abronhill and Kildrum during the evening.

An evening shuttle service has now been introduced from the town centre to serve Seafar and Condorrat, but passengers complain it only travels as far as the Condorrat ring road.

This has left areas such as the main Condorrat village and Mollinsburn feeling isolated and female passengers are concerned for their safety when having to wait in the dark for onward services, if they exist.

Melissa Hutchison who started the petition said: “As someone who works in retail and finishes around 8pm every night I have to pay more than £10 a day now to get home as I need to use two different bus services, that is £200 a month.

“People of Condorrat and Mollinsburn live too far away from a train station to get another means of transport. As a young women I do not feel safe having to wait at quiet and dark bus stops because Stagecoach want to cut costs.”

Anne Marie Duffy wrote to Stagecoach to complain.

She said: “Despite the introduction of this shuttle bus there is still no evening service along Condorrat main road towards Mollinsburn, which has a negative impact on local residents.

“This effectively means Stagecoach is now operating two buses to provide a substandard version of their previous service which seems illogical.”

Stagecoach has been invited to respond.

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