Trapped at home

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A YOUNG mother who has a rare condition which affects her mobility has urged North Lanarkshire Council to find her a ground floor flat because she feels trapped in the home she is currently living in.

Rosemary Hughes (24) was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome back in December 2008, and as her condition has deteriorated, the mum-of-one, who has a son Fraser (1), has lost her ability to get around without support.

She currently lives in the top floor flat of a four in a block on Hillview Avenue, Kilsyth.

The property has been her home for 12 years - after she took over the tenancy from her mother a few years ago.

But since her diagnosis, Rosemary’s health has got worse and not only has she had to give up working, she also needs a mobility scooter to get around.

Rosemary, who lives with her husband Colin, applied to North Lanarkshire Council for a ground floor flat around a year and a half ago - and is still waiting.

She said: “I have to face four steps to reach the door of my building and I have a further 16 steps to get to my flat.

“I can’t get out and about unless someone is there with me, I do feel trapped in my own home.”

For full story, see this week’s Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, July 11.

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