Twa Corbies Cumbernauld - Help For Heroes

HAVING recently won the award as Tribute Band Of The Year 2012 at the Scottish New Music Awards at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, Maiden Scotland are sure to be even more in demand than they have been up to now.

The band will appear at the Twa Corbies on Saturday, October 13, as part of the fundraising efforts for Help For Heroes. Tickets priced £7.50 are available from Jock on 01236 728016 or at the Twa Corbies or from Piggy Malones at the town centre north bus stop.

The dictionary version of tribute is “An act, statement or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect or admiration.”

Maiden Scotland pay tribute to the world’s greatest heavy metal band, the uncompromisingly brilliant Iron Maiden. Formed in 2003, the band line-up has changed over the years and has been a home to some great musicians; the quality always remains high. Maiden Scotland are a musical tribute band who prefer to focus on the music and performance rather than wigs and gimmicks and are famous for their blisteringly authentic performances of Iron Maiden songs.

Expect to hear any song written by Iron Maiden to be played by Maiden Scotland. They do not shrink from anything, having played numbers such as Alexander The Great, Paschendale, Sea of Madness and Flash of the Blade. With the driving McBrain/Harris style rhythm section from Al and Andrew leading through gallops and fantastic metal classics and the dynamic Murray/Smith blistering lead duo of Mark and Liam the melodic signature sound is created. On vocals is Martin Jakubski, who like the rest of the band is not focussed on a look alike competition. Martin has it in the voice where it matters, with the range and power needed to tackle the classic Iron Maiden songs that recite the epic tales of fantasy, war and historical events that we all come to know and love.

The band have played to packed houses and enthusiastic audiences throughout the UK and continue to forge bonds and make new fans with every gig. Having played with original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul DiAnno as his band on two UK tours and been involved with the Clive Aid charity in two fund raising events they are a very popular choice amongst Iron Maiden fans both young and old. They will leave you with the chorus of Run to the Hills ringing in your ears on your way home every time. Constantly being invited to new areas and gig all over the UK and beyond, the band continue to break new ground and is fully established as one of the top Iron Maiden tribute bands in the world.

So no matter, whoever, wherever you are Maiden Scotland’s gonna get you. Band website: