Union demo as equal pay claims remain outstanding

GMB Scotland will protest at North Lanarkshire Council on Thursday
GMB Scotland will protest at North Lanarkshire Council on Thursday

GMB Scotland will demonstrate outside Motherwell Civic Centre on Thursday for a fair settlement to members’ equal pay claims.

The union claims the matter has taken so long to resolve some women have died waiting for their money.

The demonstration will begin at 3.30pm prior to a full meeting of North Lanarkshire Council, the first under its new leadership.

GMB Scotland has also taken out half page adverts in every local paper across North Lanarkshire to promote the Equal Pay Now! campaign.

Last year, GMB Scotland wrote to every elected Labour councillor in North Lanarkshire to encourage them to finally settle the issue of equal pay, or face GMB taking action.

GMB estimates that there are up to 2,000 workers, men and women, employed by the council who may be entitled to an equal pay claim.

GMB Scotland is the only union that is still able to pursue Equal Pay Claims against North Lanarkshire Council.

Hazel Nolan, GMB regional organiser, said: “Hundreds of women across North Lanarkshire Council are still being forced to battle with the council’s legal department to get justice for being paid less money than men for doing the same work.

“Not only have these women suffered by being subject to a discriminatory employer to begin with, but now the council are forcing them to suffer further indignity by dragging them through a lengthy and completely unnecessary legal process to get the justice they deserve.

“Meanwhile the council squander taxpayers money in legal fees to fight their own workers for the money they owe them.

“The council leader Jim Logue, and his fellow councillors are in a position to sort this out immediately. The only thing stopping these women from getting the money they deserve, the money that they worked for, that belongs to them, is the political will to do so.

“Some of these women have died waiting and now their families are still waiting for the council to give them back their money.”