Union flag row in Cumbernauld Village

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Decorations in Cumbernauld Village to mark the marching season are at the centre of a row after being taken down by North Lanarkshire Council.

The council has confirmed it was behind the removal of Union Flags in Smithyends which had been affixed to lamp posts.

The council admitted that it had received a complaint about the flags which had been placed there in preparation for a parade which took place on Saturday.

A spokesperson said: “We responded to a complaint and discovered that no permission was granted for the flags on our lighting columns and these were removed.

“We’ve no objection in principal to bunting and flags, provided the lighting columns are structurally sound and the person or group applying to instal them has public liability insurance.”

However Councillor Tom Johnston said: “Normally bunting simply appears overnight before the parade and remains for a few days before it is removed by lodge members.

“In my 12 years serving as a councillor there has been absolutely no problem.

“I received one complaint two years ago when the bunting remained.

“Last year, the ruling Labour Group imposed a ban on the use of lamp posts for election posts and flags.

“If a complaint has been made, I presume council employees will now be obliged to remove all posters and bunting.”