Vandals hit cars

Cumbernauld Police are investigating several incidents of car vandalism in the area.

The damaged vehicles include a Volkswagen Golf in Ferguson Road on April 2 or 3, a Seat Leon in Beechwood Road on March 31 or April 1, a Honda Jazz on April 3 in Pleamuir Place, and a red Astra which was parked outside the Muirfield CE Centre on the evening of March 31.

A police spokeswoman said: “Several cars have recently been vandalised in the area.

“When you are out and about try to park in a well-lit, busy area. At home, if you can park your vehicle in a garage, do it.

“If you park in your driveway, think of fitting external security lighting. If your car has an alarm, make sure it is activated. If you can, turn your car’s wing mirrors in towards the side of your car. Remember to reset them before driving off.

“Do not leave any property within the vehicle, take it with you or lock it out of sight in the car’s boot.

“Think about helping your community by starting a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. By co-operating with your neighbours and reporting anything suspicious to the police you could assist in preventing many crimes, making your street a safer and better place to live. Your local Community Safety Officer can offer advice about this and other Crime Prevention advice regarding your home and property.”

Cumbernauld are appealing to anyone who may have any information relating to any of the car vandalisms to contact them on 01236 503900 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111. The local crime prevention officer is PC Kay Elliot at Cumbernauld Police Office 01236 503910.