Vandals mess up Burngreen

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Furious Kilsyth residents have hit out at vandals who allegedly destroyed a garden close to a war memorial.

The area surrounding Burngreen bandstand has been messed-up.

Plants have been pulled out of the garden and thrown around the Burngreen area.

Litter has been left, and cigarette ash has been spilled all over the bandstand.

This is in the area which has a plaque dedicated to the fallen.

It appears the incident happened over the weekend.

One resident, who spotted the mess whilst out walking his dog on Monday, July 29, , said: “It is a real mess. It is ridiculous someone would do this. People work so hard to look after the Burngreen and keep it nice, and yet someone does this. It is a real shame.”

A woman, who was in the Burngreen, added: “It is just mindless vandalism. I was down here on Saturday during the day and it was fine. So it must have just happened.”

A council spokesman said: “It is really disappointing that someone would damage plant displays.

“We cleaned up the area as soon as we were made aware of it and will make arrangements to replace the plants. Anyone with information about this mindless vandalism should contact the police.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Cumbernauld Police Office on 01236 503900.