Vandals tear up garden lovingly created by pupils and volunteers at Condorrat school

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Police have launched an enquiry into the full-scale destruction of a carefully tended green space for primary school children.

Last week thousands of bulbs were planted in the playground of St Helen’s Primary, thanks to these hard workers.

They have now been cruelly uprooted by a gang of vandals who scaled a fence after 7.30pm on Sunday.

This spree of destruction did not end there, after the yobs ruthlessly knocked over standing stones and even cut a scarecrow in two.

Garden furniture was also vandalised. Unsuspecting staff returned to the school on Monday to find their cherished green space in a state of disarray and were faced with the saddening task of explaining to the pupils exactly what had happened.

“The volunteers have since returned to the site to try and repair some of the damage, so as to minimise any upset for the youngsters who value it as a haven they’ve helped create.

Headteacher Liz Kelly said: “Pupils and staff were really disappointed to see our lovely garden had been vandalised. It’s a special place for us all and means a great deal.

“We hope that anyone with information on this would contact the police.”