Wait soon over for crucial safety bar

A delayed road safety project on a road used by hundreds of local schoolchildren is set to be completed this week.

The board of St Maurice’s High School plus Condorrat and Westfield community councils had all called for safety rails to be installed to the North Road bridge which connects Condorrat to St Maurice’s High School.

A road traffic accident last November which saw a younger pupil rushed to hospital after sustaining fractures in an accident had sparked a campaign for barriers on both sides the road.

North Lanarkshire Council eventually agreed to install them and intended to have the work finished over the summer holidays.

Some technical issues meant this did not happen but reassurances have been given to Labour councillor Bob Chadha that the end of the project is in sight.

Councillor Chadha said: “I was clear at the time that the rails must be constructed. However, I have been given firm assurances from roads bosses that the issue has been resolved and the work should be completed within the next few weeks.”

A council spokesperson confirmed: “The work to install the pedestrian guard rail began on Monday and should be completed that week.

“It is being installed along the north side of the bridge, where most pupils walk. The council held discussions with the local community councils and Councillor Chadha to agree the location of the rail.’’

Billy Lees, of Westfield Community Council, added: “We have waited long enough for this.

“The main thing is that they are thinking of the safety of the kids and hopefully it will save lives being there.’’